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Cases: Dental Implants


In this section of Dental Implant Clinic Cases, you will discover all the possibilities that we offer you in our Dental Clinic in Barcelona to recover your teeth. By applying this kind of treatments, the Implant Surgeon is able to restore the missing pieces in your mouth.  The specialized dentist will help you to retrieve the ability to chew properly.

In Barcelona Dental Studio we care for your health and we offer you this kind of treatments of dental implants because we know the difficulty that represent not chewing correctly.

Among the treatments of dental implants that we offer to you in our dental clinic in Barcelona, you will find:

Unitary Dental Implants (replacement of a single tooth)

Complete Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants (treatments to edentulous patients)

Immediate loading in unitary implants (teeth in 1 day)

Immediate loading per arch (teeth in 1 day)

Dental Implant Crown

Dental Implant Aesthetic Crown

Free metal arch prosthesis

Resin arch prosthesis

Also you can appreciate the last disposable techniques that we use in our Dental Clinic in Barcelona, to prepare de area for the future implant when there is not enough space or bone.

Browse this section and see all the possibilities offered by this type of this treatment to those who need it.


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