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Special Services


Because we know that you are different, in Barcelona Dental Studio, we strive to offer you just what you need.


If you are a patient who feel too much fear, do not delay you mouth treatment. In our Dental Clinic in Barcelona, we offer a service to your needs. The conscious sedation is a procedure where the anesthesiologist gives you a medication, to make you feel more comfortable during the treatment. Thereby, you don’t feel any sensation of distress during the appointment or remember the visit when you leave the clinic.


If you are the kind of people that don’t stop because of your job or your family and delay this dental treatment you must do, do not hesitate, come and visit us. We will schedule you long and intensive sessions that allow to finish your treatment in the fewest possible appointments.


Your teeth are very important, though you know that they are in very poor conditions, you don’t want them to be extracted, for fear of seen you without them. Currently there are techniques that allow doing procedures of immediately loaded dental implants. It means dental implants with teeth in one day. Come to our Dental Clinic and we assess your case to know if you are a candidate for this treatment.


If you have so much pain and you don’t know where to go, do not hesitate in call us. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we can treat your urgency. We will recommend you the best option for your case and if it is treatable and you want it, we can carry aout the treatment in the same day. Do not wait days for a visit, we will assess you without any compromise.