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Dental Veneers: Teeth veneers cost & treatment


What is a dental Veneer?

A veneer is a kind of restoration that is made by the dentist specialized in Aesthetic dentistry. This treatment is usually done to improve the smile of the patient.

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The veneer is placed over the tooth like a mask, to cover dental defects or the spots that have to be hidden.

Necessary wear for doing veneers treatment

Generally this kind of aesthetic dental treatment is very conservative. The veneer is very thin and therefore, the dental preparation or the necessary wear to place the veneer, is usually negligible.

The preparation or dental wear, also depends on the objective of the veneers treatment.

If only teeth color modification is needed, then the veneer is going to be very very thin and practically no wear is needed.

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If instead, beside color modification, form and position changes are needed, dental wear will be necessary.

Number of appointments required for veneers treatment

This treatment is carried out in very few visits. Once the smile design have been determined then only two visits are needed for having the desired smile.

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Besides this two intensive appointments, the patient most come to some short control appointments. This visits will allow assessment and small adjustments if are needed.

Kinds of dental veneres

veneers can be done directly over the tooth. This kind of venners are called direct veneers. Also can be carried out outside the mouth, over a dental impression previously done. This kind of veneers are called indirect veneers.

Different types of materials used in veneers

Dental veneers can be made of composite or can be made of porcelain.

Composite veneers can be direct or indirect. It means that can be carried out by the dentist directly inside the mouth in one appointment. Also can be made outside the mouth to be placed in a second appointment.

Porcelain veneers always will be an indirect treatment and will need at least 2 appointments to be done.

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2 Responses to "Dental Veneers: Teeth veneers cost & treatment"

  • Hanan
    1 July, 2017 - 23:26 Reply

    How much per one tooth? The approximately??

    • Estudi Dental Barcelona
      2 July, 2017 - 21:50 Reply

      Good afternoon,

      The price of a porcelain veneer per each tooth in our clinic is for 530 € each.

      We recommend you to come for a first consultation in our clinic witch has no cost, in this visit we could evaluate your situation and give you a precise diagnostic and quotation (without no compromise) of your necessary treatment.

      You can book the first visit thru our website or calling at 934109189.

      Thank you for your consultation.

      Best regards,

      Barcelona Dental Studio Team.


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