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Dental Implants: Treatment and cost in Barcelona


A dental implant is a titanium prosthesis. The implant is used to replace the lost dental root. It is similar to a screw. Always can be placed independently of the reason of the lost but the reason of the lost will determine the timing of the treatment. If the reason is an infection, the placement of the implant must be at least two month after the extraction. If the reason not include infection, the implant could be placed the same day of the extraction.

Implantes Dentales Barcelona

The implant is placed inside the bone, that is why the implantologist requires enough bone to achieve primary retention and osseointegration.

Because the implant is placed inside the bone and usually it is submerged it cannot be perceived by the patient. After some moth, the implant will be discovered to be restored.

implants can be placed alone, just to replace a single tooth or can be placed in groups to replace several teeth.

How long does to place a implant take?

If the patient require a single implant, the procedure is very simple and fast, usually take half an hour.

If the patient needs implants for the whole mouth the procedure will last more time.

In single or multiple dental implants, when the case allow it, the patient could have the implant and the tooth in one day.

How is the postoperative recovery of the implants surgery?

After the implant placement, the surgeon may prescribe a medication that will help that the recovery be tolerable for the patient. This medication use to include antiinflamatory – analgesics and antibiotics.

After one week of the implants surgery, the patient must come back to the dental clinic for the evolution assessment and to remove stitches.

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